Water Tower Museum

Chicago has lots of attraction and all worth checking out, sports bar, restaurant, museum, theater, Navy Pier and if you don’t want to spend money, just take River Walk and you will spent a couple of hours without realizing. A walking tour of Chicago’s Loop, or walking through Magnificent Miles, you will see Chicago landmarks Chicago River, its brilliant mosaic works. Chicago Historic Water Tower Museum, intersection of Chicago and Michigan ave has history of Chicago Fire, offers great information to visitors.  The Chicagoans, who live in suburbs, also enjoy coming to city, spend time with friends and go back to home.

Most of them don’t like to drive due to expensive parking rates, tickets or avoid to look for parking, these suburban residents prefer to get UBER going back home however sometimes these uber rides have surge on and trip can cost a lot of money. Sometime it is difficult to get black car and compromise on yellow cab however planning ahead can save you money and hassle by arranging private black car service so you can add the trip cost in your event planning.

Attraction to see  in Chicago, Stained glass gallery at Navy-Pier, Spirit of Chicago (3 hour Cruise) is also “Must See”

Wrigley, West Loop, Magnificent Miles, New City has lots of restaurant, Sports Bars etc to hang out and enjoy your evening and Happy hours.